Broadway World
"Laura Greenwood convinces as the temptress, her hair always threatening to tumble free, her buttoned-up dress not quite covering her soon to be sullied skin. Her reaction to the adult world's demands barging into her child-like fantasies is horrible to behold - Greenwood also provokes sympathy for her character's plight. As in so much in real life, nobody is wholly to blame for what happens, but nobody is without guilt either."
Gary Naylor
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London Theatre 1
"Turning to Laura Greenwood as Miss Julie and wow what a performance. Turning from the spoiled autocratic daughter of the lord in the first half to the desperate, panic-stricken child of the second was a wonderful piece of acting by Laura that had me on the edge of my seat seeing where Miss Julie was going to go."
Terry Eastham
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"Laura Greenwood carries the movie all the way through."
Octavio Ramos
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"Mirren’s star power and the other solid performances — most notably by young Laura Greenwood as Penny — add texture."
Brian Lowrey
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The Daily Mail
"I feel certain Ms Greenwood - who already is clearly an exceptional talent - will have a similarly brilliant career."
New York Daily News
"The scenes she shares with Mirren are nothing short of phenomenal"
David Bianculli
The Los Angeles Times
"Thoroughly impressive."
Robert Lloyd